Porto is a special city. Set on the Douro River. We started our 2018 European Tour in Portugal’s second city and to be honest we didn’t know what to expect. In truth, we only flew to Porto due to its connections to Spain and the flight times from Manchester worked. It’s a city that captured our hearts and cemented itself as one of the best cities that we have visited. Michael loved it that much that he went back whilst doing a bit of solo travelling.

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Braga is known as the Rome of Portugal due to it’s many religious sites, however, it wasn’t the cathedrals that brought me to Braga, it was the football. I travelled to Braga alone as I had a few days to explore Portugal before a works conference. Braga is home to SC Braga who plays in one of the most unique football stadiums in the world. Braga’s Municipal Stadium is built into a quarry and during my solo trip to Portugal Braga were due to play Portugal’s biggest club, Benfica. I didn’t know what to expect from Braga but the city pleasantly surprised me, it’s an Instagrammers heaven…

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