Panoramico De Monsanto

Panoramico De Monsanto offers the best viewpoints of Lisbon and it is the best hidden gem in the city. It’s abandoned but it’s fully open and safe for the public to visit. It is a must for anyone visiting Lisbon, especially Urban Explorers.

History of Panoramico De Monsanto

This is a Lisbon hidden gem. Built in 1968, Panoramico De Monsanto was orinigally built as a restaurant. Stooped on the top of the Monsanto Forest Park the restaurant offered 360 degree views of the City of Lisbon. Sadly, the five floors of this restaurant are long abandoned. Panoramico De Monsanto only stopped open for two years. Over the years it went through many changes but it has been abandoned since 2001.

Panoramico De Monsanto

Where is Panoramico De Monsanto

Panoramico De Monsanto lies way outside of Lisbon City Centre. Further down we explain how to get there but you can find its location, below.


Now nature and graffiti artists have taken over the site. Usually, going to these sort of sites require jumping over fences or finding a hole in the fence. Panoramico De Monsanto is open from 9am to 6pm in the winter and 9am-7pm in the summer. It does feel like you’re breaking the law whilst wandering around the viewpoint, however, it’s totally legal and safe to do so.

Panoramico De Monsanto Stranger Things

We spent hours exploring the 5 floors, there is so much to see and the graffiti amazed us. The artists have incredible talent and we were in awe of the murals they had created. It really is like exploring a ghost town and the out of town quietness gives it and extra eerie feel. The spaces are so open and a highlight is the spiral staircase that seems to cling to the inner of the building.

Being Stranger Things fans, one of the highlights for us was the Stranger Things graffiti that can be found in the former car park. The impressive graffiti takes up a full wall. If you’re a stranger things fan then this a must.

The Best Viewpoint in Lisbon

As you climb the floors the views of Lisbon get better and better. From the 5th and top floor the view is simply stunning. You can see the whole city and all of the sites that it is famous for. From the Estadio De Luz to Ponte 25 De Abril and Castelo De S. Jorge. We were alone up here and spent a good half an hour taking in the cities sites.

We do hope that the building doesn’t fall into disrepair. It would be a huge shame and many tourists will be robbed of the breathtaking views. Funnily enough, it would be perfect as a restaurant!

Warning: Photography is allowed, however, do not take pictures or point your camera at the army base next door. Security will warn you and ask you to delete any photographs of the base.

How to get to Panoramico De Monsanto

To get there take the 711 bus from Rossio and then walk the rest of the way. The walk is only around half a kilometre and takes you through some beautiful forests. The bus takes around 30 minutes to get there. Parking is also available for free.

Do you need to book Panoramico De Monsanto in advance?

No, simply turn up between the times of 09:00-18:00 and you will be able to walk right in. There is no fee or entry charge and no booking needed.

Panoramico De Monsanto viewpoint

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