Well, what can we say about Makarska, what an absolute hidden gem!

We stumbled across it on our drive from Dubrovnik to Zadar as we were both feeling hungry and wanted to stretch our legs part way through the journey. To say we were impressed by what we found would be an understatement…

Where is Makarska?

Makarska is a cosmopolitan seaside town on the Croatian Dalmatian coast. It lies 65km from Split. You can use Makarska to get to the nearby and popular island of Brac.

The views when driving along the coast were stunning as it is, but then the mountains came in to view and we were breath-taken by it all.

We had a look on the map and came across Makarska without knowing really what was there but thought it was a good pit stop. Parking proved difficult but we finally found some after looking around for about 15 minutes (with lots of bickering in the process HAHA). We then walked towards the water front and the views were beautiful. They were about to get better… We turned to look for places to eat and were gobsmacked to see the towering mountains just behind. Plenty of photos were taken here!

We just wish we could go back right now and take even better ones with Emma’s camera that she has now as they definitely would be better quality than these ones here! (We’ll have to add it to our list to visit again one day!). 

Where to eat in Makarska

Gastro Diva

After looking around for a little while, we stumbled across a beautiful restaurant tucked away in the little side streets. It was shaded with umbrellas which was perfect to get us out of the sunshine for a little while. We both had starters and a main dish of pasta and it was beautiful!


It was perfect to fill our bellies before we got back out on the road. The service was amazing and the staff were so kind and friendly. It was also really affordable which is another positive. 100% recommend this restaurant if you’re ever in Makarska. 


You can view their menu over on their Facebook page, here.

Is Makarska worth visiting?

Although we didn’t get to stay in Makarska very long, it definitely made an impression on us and it’s somewhere that we mention a lot when we talk about our trip to Croatia. The views from the waterfront and the mountains in the background will always be one of our top views and one day we do want to go back. If you’re ever travelling around Croatia and wanted somewhere a little quieter, relaxing and just an all-round beautiful place, we couldn’t recommend Makarska enough. Makarska also offers you the chance to travel to the island of Brac which is an added bonus.

Makarska mountain view

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