Cheap Parking at Doncaster Airport

Parking at Doncaster Airport is located just in front of the terminal. This is quick and easy but it comes at a premium. Here is our guide on how to save money and find cheap parking at Doncaster Airport.

Doncaster has an Airport!?

Doncaster has an airport? That is normally the reaction we get when we tell friends and family that we are flying from Doncaster Sheffield. The airport is one of the easiest to reach in the country, located just off the A1, making it accessible to all in the North.

Doncaster is where we tend to fly from the most due to the flights working out the cheapest. The airport is used by Flybe, Thomson and Wizzair. You can fly to numerous places including Poland which we definitely like to take advantage of.

Parking at Doncaster is located right outside the terminal doors. No needs for shuttle buses as you can walk to the door within less than a minute. The only issue, is the cost. It can still work out quite expensive.

View from Plane window

Just Park

Now, we try and save money where we can and don’t mind walking a little if needed. We again use Just Park to find parking in Doncaster and usually manage to find one in the newly built housing estate located 5 minutes from the airport. The walk usually takes around 15 minutes but that’s fine with us as we only travel with hand luggage.

The rented spaces we get usually are on peoples drives which is perfect as you feel like your car is secure. It also means you keep your keys so you won’t have horror stories of staff taking your car on a joy ride. We always see these stories popping around in the reviews on airport parking and on Facebook.

It always works out cheaper booking our parking this way and with the money we save, it means we have pennies for a pint in the Wetherspoons in Doncaster airport. What better way to spend the money we have saved!

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